We take pride in offering only the highest quality dog foods, chews, and supplements.



CBD is a great option for holistic healing. It has been proven in several studies to ease nerve pain in dogs as well as reduce anxiety, boost appetite, and promote healing from within. Senior pets especially seem to get a new lease on life after starting CBD. We currently sell Holistic Hound CBD, they are a VERY high quality company that does content analysis on their products to ensure proper dosage.

Human grade dog food

We offer two different dog food brands. Open Farm and Fromm. Each of these foods is great in its own way. Open Farm uses locally sourced products and is humane certified. They ensure that each animal used in their food is humanely treated from birth to slaughter. Fromm is an affordable, high quality kibble with a focus on food safety. They own their own plants in the USA and provide strict quality control. They also offer a grain INCLUSIVE option. We also offer freeze dried raw products and high quality canned wet food. 


Treats and chewies

ALL of our treats and chewies are all natural. We have several different options each of which have their own unique health benefits.

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