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Salon Hair Dryers

What makes us different

We focus on giving you and your dog a luxury experience

We want your dog to feel like a celebrity! Like the special little angel that they are! 


We work as a team. If your dog needs someone to comfort them during something they do not like, we have the available staff to do so. This helps immensely to distract and make scary nail trims (etc.) a safe and comfortable experience!


We continue our education constantly to be able to offer the best possible treatment for your pet



Our staff is paid a livable wage and treated respectfully. We provide continued education and extensive training courses! We do our best to keep them super happy, which makes your dog love them EVEN more! They are happy to be there and bond with your dog!  


Calm and happy environment! We do not overbook our schedule. This allows your dog to proceed at their own pace.


Healthy, all natural treats available for your doggie to let them know that they are special and we are proud of them!


Every service is CUSTOM tailored to fit your dog's needs! We read your dog's body language to keep them safe and comfortable during their visit!

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